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From tea, refresher or slush, we've got you covered!

Top 10 Slushes

Top 10 most popular slushes. Cool taste with delicious fruit pulp!

Top 10 Tea

Top 10 most popular teas. Choose with Black Pearl or different flavour of jelly.

Cheese Cloud & CRÈME SERIES

Hearty cheese cloud and crème flavor is going to add layer by layer of richness into the drinks.

Fresh Mango Slush

Our drinks are made with only the freshest and juiciest mangoes, taste the difference!

Japanese Series

Experience a taste of Japan in every sip! Indulge in the blend of rich matcha and fragrant sakura!

Brown Sugar Latte & Salted Milk Foam

For the Brown Sugar lovers! Customize your Brown Sugar Latte and replace the dairy milk with lactose free milk, oat milk, or soy milk.

Milk Tea & Milky Sensation

Craving for good old classic milk tea? Try our milk tea or milky sensation series!

Freshly Brewed Fruit Tea

Tired of slush, ready to try something new? Try our freshly brewed fruit tea and select green tea or black tea as your tea base!

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