Live the Presotea Style.

Taiwanese Tea Specialist.

Learn the Presotea Style.

Presotea quality tea taste and texture

We pursue the highest standard of texture and taste

One of the most healthy and natural bubble tea houses

We insist on providing natural and fresh ingredients for the drinks, you can find healthy bubble tea only in Presotea

Presotea insists on fresh tea fresh made

We live in a true and pure lifestyle that people respect for it

Franchise Opportunity

Bubble Tea Franchise store

All Presotea (鮮茶道) drinks are fresh tea fresh made. We sincere invite those who are interested in franchising to build your successful business with Presotea in Canada. We will provide everything from training, consultation, store management counseling, machine maintenance and support and more!


  • Halifax - Spring Garden - Fall 2019
  • Ottawa - Chapman Mills Marketplace II - Fall 2019